Friday, December 23, 2011

change of perspective

today i realize something, i realize that i wasn’t the person i use to be proud of last time. i realize that i’ve change so much in a short period of time. but im glad it happen because today i realize that, the person that i use to be proud of wasn’t gonna get me anywhere. wasn’t helping me much in positivity.

today i realize that in order to stay positive, you got to always believe in yourself. insyaallah, everything  else will follow. alhamdulillah, i feel much prouder of myself today than i was back then.  i feel more positive vibe in me than before.

it wasn’t about having ‘the talk’ , ‘the attitude’ or having to blend in. it was to believe in yourself that you could do it. believing in yourself that you need to say those kind of thing, need to have those kind of attitude to show maturity.

using vulgar words was one of my favorite habit, i use to find it ‘cool’ but after awhile i find it to be a really bad habit. its about time to break those habit away bit by bit. for me, if you could start saying vulgar words and make them as a habit, you could also change them to a more decent words and make them as a habit. its tough but its not impossible.

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