Friday, August 8, 2014

when life give you lemon,you made lemonade-lots of it

isn't this what you want?
or would you do it differently if you know what the future holds?


define life; adjectively
- roller coaster
sometimes you're on top,sometimes you're down


those advise you took and read,have you forgotten them?
haven't mother teresa simplified it for you in her poetry called anyway?
do you remember it now?

its never  been between you and them,
its always been you and God anyway

enjoy life,be free and find your centre.
you've lost it when you let the world take over you.


some are going to judge you,
some are going to phrase you,
some would just be neutral with you.

some will stay,
some just won't.

but remember, He is always there for you  in whatever situation you are in.

stay forever jovial,stay forever strong.thats should keep you going